silent hill 3
i heart music

favorite albums/artists in general

favorite songs

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by nashimoto ui

wanting to die in my teens wanting to kill in my twenties by nashimoto ui

l.o.v.e. by sophie

strobe last by powapowa p

big brother by kaku p-model/susumu hirasawa (x0o0x_ cover)

hyperventilation dance by nashimoto ui

nekomimi switch by daniwellp

far more love than sound by talkshow boy

krystle url cyber palace mix by machine girl

communication by perfume

amateur cartography by obfusc

.flowbeet by lolrust (from .flow ost)

oblivion by grimes (ctrl ult delete cover ft hatsune miku)

labyrinth by miracle musical

crime and punishment by deco*27

some other songs .....